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Gallery » Danzig Report 63 - April, May, June 1989 » Flugpost von und nach Danzig-Part II


Flugpost von und nach Danzig-Part II

Translator’s foreword
Curt Michae].js has brought together in Parts 1 and 2 of his work “Flugpost von und nach Danzig” a wealth of useful information for those, like me, interested in Danzig philately and postal history. Those of us. again like me, who are not fluent in the German language, will surely derive much interest and help from an English translation of this excellent study of the subject of Danzig airmail.

I have already confessed that I am not fluent in German, the reader of my translation should be warned therefore that this translation is the fruit of many hours of painstaking labour with a dictionary, and as such may in places contain at best what may be described as inelegant English and at worst as downright misunderstanding of the German original!

I expect that many of those reading this already possess copies of the original work. I urge those of you who do not, to seek out and obtain copies for themselves, as not only have I not included Michael is’ illustrations, tariff tables and bibliographies in my translation, but reliance on my translation alone will not suffice when undertaking the important task of writing up your collection. So once again, be warned, use the original whenever you need to be absolutely sure of your facts.

Having said all that please do not be put off from reading what will follow as I have endeavoured at all times to translate the original. faithfully, and in the main I think Ihave succeeded in doing so.

This translation is freely offered for publication in the Danzig Report, the journal of the Danzig Study Group of the Germany Philatoljc Society as well as in Germanja, the journal of The Germany and Colonies Philatolic Society. Other than this no part of this translation may be reproduced without permission of the translator.

Michae].js’ originals of Parts 1 and 2 were published in 1974 and 1973 respectively; since then, largely asa result of work done by members of the Danzig Study Group and the Arge Danzig in Germany, new information has become available, so that in a few places the text of Michae].js’ work is in need of updating. No attempt has been made by the translator to merge this new information with the original as this is readily obtained from the above—named specialist Societies’ journals.

The translation contains occasional translator’s explanatory remarks or corrections which are always italicized and in square brackets.

P.G.H. du Boulay


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 63 - April - May - June - 1989, Page 13.

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