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Gallery » Danzig Report 65 - October, November, December 1989 » Letters to the Editor from Burt Miller


There is one value that exists imperf with both 2Opf and 4Opf overprints. This may have been some sort of trial proof, since it shows both patterns of the part of the overprint that covered the original Mark values. They were probably just printers waste!

There are several plate flaws or defects that appear on the basic stamps. Here are three of the more prominent ones that I have:
1. Bent frame on upper left side of the 50 MK value.
2. Notch in frame on upper left of 100 Mk value. (Does not appear on my sheet of #141 or #D37.)
3. Slanted Streak through “K” of MARK in the 1000000 Mk value (Feld 11).

I have also sent copies of some “offsets” of the overprint and the basic stamp - Nothing rare, but it adds to the variety and interest of this issue, which is so rich in plate overprint flaws. This issue has so many variations that many men have based their entire collection on this one issue.


Offsets, imperfs, shifted overprints & perfs, and other oddities.
(A) Paper crease affecting red & black.
(B) Both 20 Pfg and 40 Pfg overprints.
(C) Broken 3 in top marginal numerals.
(D) Diagonal streak through letter MarK.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 65 - October - November - December - 1989, Page 36.

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