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Gallery » Danzig Report 68 - July, August, September 1990 » Langgasse - Its Seen It All


The Gothic Stockturm (1346—1599) is the tallest structure at the western end of the Langgasse (now the Diuga). Originally designed as part of the medieval fortifications, it evolved into a prison, with courtyard and adjoining torture chamber, dating from 1593. The Peinkammer (as it was called) is torturing Polish nationals again — this time they are students in a law school lecture hail. The Stockturm was heavily damaged in 1945, and it contained a main and two secondary spires, not yet restored. Less than a mile separates the High Gate, Stockturm and Golden Gate complex (they are generally aligned in a row on the western side) from the Green Gate at the eastern side, on the docks of the Dead Vistula. This route was traveled by conquering heroes of the past, as well as that of Hitler in September of 1939.

Michel No. 256 illustrates the Stockturm, and it was issued on 16.12.35. Basic color of the line drawing and typeface was orange, with the value of 5 Pfg. augmented with 5 Pfg. for Winterhilfswerk.

The Langgasse, indeed, is impressive, with its beautiful architecture in the Flemish style, mixed with buildings of other ages. The original German Hauptpostamt is now a Polish Post Office, and is on the south side, just before we reach the Rathaus on the left. This is a good location to pause at an outdoor cafe and decide on the next move — the Rathaus museum, the Neptune Fountain, the Artushof, or the Green Gate and the harbor beyond. On September 19th, 1939, we would be forced to make way for the less-than-triumphal entry of Der Fuhrer, on his way to the Artushof for his first speech since the k invasion on September 1. Red banners would be strewn from one end of the Langgasse to the other. As was pointed out in Danzig Report No.44, William L. Shirer analyzed the lecture as a loser’s diatribe, since entering German Danzig was a poor substitute for conquering Warsaw, which held out beyond Hitler’s endurance.

1922 100-Mark Not geldschein with Stockturm and Artushof. Issued on 31.10.22 by the Senate.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 68 - July - August - September - 1990, Page 3.

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