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Dates of use have been given, but in several cases only one example is known to the author and he would appreciate information about earlier or later dates of use. Without doubt, there are still other labels or cachets to record and details of anything not listed would also be appreciated. Many items may lie unnoticed in collections of first world war censorship covers.

The author would like to thank four people in particular for help and encouragement. These are K. H. Dahnke of Nurnberg, A. Kiabes of Delmenhorst, R. Ritter of Kamen and Mrs. Diana Manchester of Columbus, Ohio, who have all sent many photocopies of covers with exchange control markings. In addition, K. H. Dahnke has provided copies of all the documents he found on the subject in archives, while R. Ritter has also searched archives and sent copies of documents. Without such help, this article would not have been possible. There are in addition many other people who have kindly sent details of covers in their collections and some of their items have been described in the text, since they are in some cases the only copy of a label or cachet known to the author.

Robin Pizer
6 Drews Court
Gloucestershire GL3 2LD


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