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and the fluted columns and high ceiling of the fir floor of the Anus. The wainscoat paneling surrounding the main hail has been installed and refinished. Murals are being repainted (about 50% completed) and the columns and ceiling are as they originally appeared, with a white finish. With the pending visit of England’s Prince Charles within a few hours, the floors were polished and a stage was set at the northern end. In the photo above, left, you will he looking northward and seeing hans Vogels (Holland) and Ronny under the television light candelabra. The large stove, with the ceramic tiles of many colors, hasn’t been installed between the two Gothic windows. Hopefully, the main hall will be refinished as it originally stood, with ship models and oilier detailing.

In the photo at the right, Edward hiadas (in jacket) is continuing the tour, east on the Lange Gasse after the Artus visit. Curt Ilosny is listening to Elizabeth’s translation into German. Before leaving the area, Edward, Elizabeth and the curator of both the Antis anti the Rathaus led us on a tour of the Red Hall, explaining the ceiling and wall paintings in that beautiful room. On the next page are scale drawings of the Artushof, as it originally was built.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 80 - July - August - September - 1993, Page 18.

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