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Gallery » Danzig Report 85 - October, November, December 1994 » Letters to the Editor From Ernie Solit, Cape Cod


From Ernie Solit, Cape Cod

Thanks for relaying the information on Prussian cover markings that you received from Eddie Krause at Harnm Pelkuin. They solved a lot of questions, but I have one more: What do you make of the PD in a rectangle and stamped in red ink? If the PP is Postage Paid, is PD Postage Due? This cover is dated 1875.

Burt Miller still has a few copies of Klaus Wolfe’s 403-page Danzig cancellation catalog available at the remarkable price of only $30.00, post paid. Send your check, made out to a, to: Burt Miller, P0. Box 911, Pacifica, CA. 94044. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are copies of the major cancellations mentioned in Hans Vogels’ zepp article:

Finally, on the back (Page 22) is an enlargement of Polish stamp 377, of 15 September 1945. One of a set of three honoring Gdaiisk, the other two are illustrations of the High Gate and the Stockt urm. Paper is of poor quality and is an off-white, in the tan direction. Ink color is black olive-green.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 85 - October - November - December - 1994, Page 21.

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