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Gallery » Danzig Report 87 - April, May, June 1995 » Strange telegrams from Gd?

Above: This cover was completely changed by cutting out section containing original stamps/cancellations and by inserting new piece of paper with new registry & C.O.D. labels. The horseshoe cancel was obviously added at a later date, since that type cancel and Danzig Post Office 3 had nothing to do with each other.

Right: An attempt to remove the original stamp and cancellation, adding 20-Mark air mail stamp, then extending the cancel 4 mm by hand at the top of the envelope.

Right: Reputed to be a cover to Stutthof, the Postcensurstelle censor stamp shows red-lilac ink, instead of the required dark blue.The phony note inside is also stamped in wrong color and the initial by the “officer on duty” is in same color as the dark blue crayon used on Telegram #57, but this is inconclusive. More importantly, the camp did not receive prisoners until 7.1.42. From a large sample of cancels, 22.3.42 was the earliest; 1.6.44 was the latest. (More forgeries in later Reports.)
Danzig Report  Nr. 87 - April - May - June - 1995, Page 4.


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