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Now for a Sing-Along! A-One - A-two

Fasten your seat belts, shiver your timbers,get out your claviers and listen up! Ernie Solit is about to take us to the highest point of musi cal excitement. If you can’t handle 3 sharps, sing along anyway. After all, it concerns your Heimat, and it will bring tears to the eyes of those who have survived Diana’s rendition of Lady of Spain, with tremelos and everything. And put some real feeling into it, huh?

The gentleman on the right, wearing a size 284 Michel, is responsible for getting the Heimat theme song, Du Danzig, Du mein Danzig on to the All-Time Hit Parade. He had the lyrics translated into a foreign language and also had a real musician work it into another key and put it onto tape. Don’t look for the CD yet — we’re waiting for another dozen or so Heimat songs to fill out the album. In the meantime, warm up with this gem:

Danzig Report  Nr. 89 - Oct - Nov - Dec - 1995, Page 9.

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Added: 12/07/2015
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