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Gallery » Danzig Report 92 -1996 » The Tasks of the Post Office at the Railway Station


In the night before the opening of the Polish postal service in the Danzig railway station on 5 January 1925, two mail boxes were hung at the main entrance and one at a train platform. IFigure 61 At first, these mail boxes had an inscription, saying that the mail would be picked up ten minutes before the departure of the post trains. The Senate lodged a protest against this because it appeared as if the mail from these boxes was transported directly to the trains. The agreements stated clearly that during the transport of mail bags from the Heveliusplatz to Poland, the bags might not be opened and no mail could be added. Therefore, it was not possible that mail from these two mail boxes was added to the mail bags at the post office at the railway station and then sent to Poland by the post trains. The Polish Post removed the inscription.’9 In March 1926, the president of the Danzig Senate wrote that the mail from the mail boxes at the railway station was brought to the Heveliusplatz by the Polish postmen. They didn’t enter the post office at the railway station.20 [Figure 6]

Probably the Polish post abandoned this rule some years later; there are covers with stamps from the Polish post in Danzig, bearing one of the five different date-cancels that were used by the post office. There is even a cover bearing a T-cancel from this office, indic ating that, in Poland, postage due had to be raised lFigures 7 and 8] These letters probably originated from the mail boxes at the railway station, were cancelled there, sorted and added to the mail bags that arrived from Heveliusplntz. Official literature doesn’t tell anything about this.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 92 - July - August - September - 1996,  Page 12.

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