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Gallery » Danzig Report 94 - January, February, March 1997 » GULTIG - A Dialogue with John Miskevich and Ton Hulkenberg


GULTIG - A Dialogue with John Miskevich and Ton Hulkenberg

In DR#91, on page 8, is a cover that has provided an exceptional amount of dialogue. Could it have been possible that the events occurred as described, or were there other circumstances involved? In the following dialogue, Ton Hulkenberg of Holland and John Miskevich, the original author, compare notes on what might have been. We have labeled the parts of the cover under discussion. Thanks to both for digging into these possibilities. As Hercule Poirot would say, “Use those little gray cells, Hastings”. Easy for Agatha Christie’s sleuth to say.

Item1: Gultig or not Gultig?
The 6-Pfg. German stamp (Michel No.662) was, at that time, no longer valid. The last date of usage was 3 1.12.38.

The stamp on the cover in my Gotenhafen article (Figure 9) was indeed demonitized at the end of 1938. It is important to note that this stamp was issued for the Anschluss (incorpor ation of Austria into Germany in 1938). The cover was posted on October 2, 1939, prior to the time that Gotenhafen was incorporated into the Reich (October 9). Who was emp loyed and in charge of the post office in Gotenhafen? The post office was set up by a cadre of Reichspost personnel, but it was surely under the jurisdiction of the German military. Most likely, the post office was staffed by a skeleton crew of experienced Reichspost personnel from Germany proper, plus feldpost personnel and Volksdeutsclie recruited in Gotenhafen. How experienced were auxiliary personnel in the implementation of Reichspost rules and regulations?

A final thought: If “Thoolen” covers are the product of forgery, then maybe there is somet hing in the philatelic literature about all this. Ton Hulkenberg would likely have better access to information on forgeries, with his connections in the Netherlands. If it means anythkig, no1± thatthe addre on the Paidub± cover reads “G.A.G. “Thoolen. But “gag” is American slang. - J.M.

Ed. note: This will be a good question to bring up at the Danzig Study Group meeting in Gdarfsk in April!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 94 - January - February - March - 1997, Page 18.

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