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Gallery » Danzig Report 95 - April, May, June 1997 » Danzig 1997 - A Quick Look at the Millenium Exhibition


The exhibit consisted of very high-quality material from around Europe, as well as special archival letters from such luminairies as the Grand Master at Marienburg to the Burgermeister of Danzig, requesting that a blockade be lifted in the seaport. Frames that were used in the Poznan international show of 1993 provided an excellent background for the exhibits. Some names that you may recognize include the following exhibits

Curt & Inga Hosny (Denmark): Die Postgeschichte Danzig’s bis zum 1945. Bram Kordes (Holland): Von Danzig nach Gda,lsk. Jerzy Morawski: Stempel pocztowy Danzig 1. Georges Schild (Switzerland): Die Ganzsachen von Danzig und Port Gdarlsk. Hans Vogels: Port Gdarlsk 1920-1939. Gerhard Onash (Germany): Weichselland Edward Hada: Poczty Gda,Isku w czasachPrus 1466-1871, and Gdansk 1871-1 945 Fragmenty zbioru specjalizowanego.

There were 21 exhibits, plus the special archival material, and the committee, including Vogels, Hada, Nowaczynski and Zwierzycki, deserve much credit for their efforts. A 70-page catalog, containing beautiful color reproductions of valuable covers and stamps, illustrated the huge gains that Polish printers have made in just the last five years. Glossy paper and crisp prints of text and photos did much to produce a fine product. Well done!

In the illustration at the left, which is page 3 of a 4-page folder issued by the Polish post office in honor of the Millenium, there were pasted two special items, cancelled with the 1000 Years of Gdarsk imprint.

Every collector in Gdask has benefited from the expertise of Aleksy Nowaczyriski, a caring individual who is always giving to fellow philatelists. We met Aleksy about seven years ago, after being asked to stop by and say “hello” by the late Rick Jacobs. Then we could see why there were so many good things said about Aleksy, especially the fact that he was a “mentor” to so many collectors of Danzig material. The reason that we mention this is bec ause Aledksy will be 90 years old on the 17th of July, 1997. For a special reception in his honor at the postal authority offices in Gda?sk in April, Hans Vogels ordered two sheets of stamps that bore Aleksy’s photo, made up commemorative covers and surprised the honored guest. If you would like to mail a card to him, the address Is: Aleksy Nowaczyrlski, ul. Stan. Wyspiariskiego, 80-434 Gdarisk 6, Poland. Below is Vogel’s special cover, and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 95 - April - May - June - 1997, Page 17.

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