Briefmarken Rundschau

I’m proud to announce that I have the Briefmarken Rundschau of 1920 and 1921 complete in a book form. The only problem was that there was
just no time for writing down all those articles of interest. Nevertheless our friend Gerhard Simon, also known as our fastest and best typewriter artist in the ArGe, has been so kind to help me and all the members as well as others in spreading the knowledge. A great, warm and personal Thank You Very Much for those 260 articles.

Again a great thanks to Gerhard Simon for this tremendous work, you will find some 260 articles, bigger and smaller under Articles -> Danzig Philately -> Briefmarken Rundschau. The Briefmarken Runschau articles are only available in German.

Do you have similar articles of Philatelic magazines concerning Danzig Territory? Please do contact me through the website and we will be pleased to add them to the website. This can be in English, German and/or Polish.