Danzig Gruppe Danzig Nyt

There are some 20 magazines of the Danzig Gruppe covering the years 1992 to
2002. The magazines are only in Danish but nevertheless we see that a lot of
Interest is there for reading or seeing them. Some of the scans are not
perfect, but it will improve with the time.

The club Danzig Gruppe and its magazine Danzig Nyt (Danzig News) existed
from 1992 until 2002. The club’s activities were started by Curt Hosny but
unfortunately due to insufficient assistance he decided to stop the club
that was covering mainly Scandinavian members and collectors.

If you have other magazines like the ones shown here please contact me
through this website Danzig.org or send me scans on 150 DPI and I will be
happy to add it on this website.