Perfins for Business use Danzig Stadt

We have added an extra website of Danzig Lochungen at (in the Main Menu under Our Links). In English they are known as Perfins (a contraction of PERForated INitials). Peter Witkop has done a lot of efforts in order to bring one part of his collection under the eyes of our members and others who are interested in this fascinating subject.

The idea is to have a wider knowledge of these Lochungen, as this part of this specific Danzig philately is rather unknown and far from complete. Click the link in the menu to enter Danzig Lochungen. General or specific information is very welcome as well, so feel free to take contact directly with Peter Witkop (

Your own collection(s) can be added to this website as well, this can be any object, small or large, as long it concerns Danzig, Danzig District (Bezirk), Free City Danzig and Gdansk.