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Postal routes, Postal rates and Transit postmarks between Danzig and France (1763-1849).

In the period till 1793 Danzig was a free town under Polish protection. At the second Polish division (1793) it came to Prussia. Between 1806 and 1814 it was a free town again (first restoration) under French administration. At the Vienna Congress in 1814 it was agreed to return the town to Prussia again.

All these changes in government had little influence on the correspondence between Danzig and France. Mostly we see letters to Bordeaux, to the house of Schröder & Schuyler, a wine company formed by the Danziger themselves. Till May 1818 Thurn&Taxis took care of the exchangement of Prussian letters with France. After that date Prussia herself had a postal treaty with France. The treaty was adjusted in 1836 and ended on 31.12.1848. Most letters are porto letters. Under the treaty France-Prussia franco letters are rare till 1836.
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