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Free City Danzig, Promotion of the Exhibit.

While Edition No. 2 closely resembled No. 1, in No. 3 is found the exact time schedule of the Luftpost Exhibition, the Air Sports promotions of the week, an the listing of the daily programs.

The financing of these pamphlets was taken over by the advertising, which was placed by many companies from Danzig. In the offices at the Arsenal Passage, located in the romms of the Ruberg Company, you could buy envelopes with the promotion symbol. In the beginning, the official symbol was oval-shaped, but it soon became the familiar rectangular red an blue execution. People could buy, since autumn 1931, colorful emblems known officially as Promotion Symbols, from the Exhibition management. For 50 German Reichspfennige, one could receive 100 emblems, showing the Luposta illustration. There were six kinds of emblems, each in a single color; blue, red or violet, on white or yellow paper. Also available were blue and red printed lables which were cut from envelopes.

*- Stationery with oval promotion symbol. Picture an coat of arms are in red; writing ist in blue. Circular 9.9.32. * 5 b, cancel with Type 4 slogan, advertising the Baltic Sea area spas for vacations.

*- Promotion label with adhesive (gum) back, in blue, red and violett.

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