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Danzig Report Nr. 151* - July - August - September - 2010.
John & Betty Bloecher, Baltimote MD, USA.
Contributing Editors:
Ronny van Waardhuizen, Antwerp, Belgium.
Hans Vogels, Cyprus.
Giles du Boulay, Aylesbury, UK.
Blaine Taylor, Townson, MD, USA.
Malcolm Steward, UK.

Bernard A. Hennig, Chicago, USA.
Ernie Solit, Hyannis, MA, USA.
Donna Misiuda, Zoppot, Poland.
Webmaster: Ronny van Waardhuizen.

Prof. Andrzej Januszajtis, Gdansk, Poland.
Stanley Sterczewski, Gdansk, Poland.
Museum Director Zdislaw Balewski, Gdansk, Poland.

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 151* - July - August - September 2010.
* {No, the editors haven't been hitting the bottle - the reason for the DR numbers to be
out of sequence is this DR was worked on months ago & the numbers haven't caught up YET}

A special greeting to all of our members and friends. You have stuck with us through these many years - some since our start in 1975! Thanks for sending Betty and me to do your research in the greatest city in the world: Danzig {or if you prefer: Gdańsk}.
We really enjoy the old place and look for many more trips to its Golden Shores. There is no end to finding new historical facts or special stories in this fascinating place. Thanks to all who have aided us and who have made their contribution to the Study Group. It's been a pleasure! We hope that you will enjoy this story of the 'old' {1758} Danzig Lighthouse. It's had quite a history!

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