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Danzig Report Nr. 153.
Quarterly Publication of the Germany Philatelic Society.
Danzig Study Group, U.S.A.

John & Betty Bloecher, Baltimote MD, USA.
Contributing Editors:
Ronny van Waardhuizen, Antwerp, Belgium.
Burt Miller, Pacifica CA {Editor at Large}
Giles du Boulay, Aylesbury, UK.
Blaine Taylor, Townson, MD, USA.
JoAnn Miller, Pacifica CA {DR Photograper}

Malcolm Steward, England.
Bernard A. Hennig, Chicago IL {Editor Emeritus}
Ernie Solit, Hyannis, MA, USA.
Donna Misiuda Kwiatkowska, Zoppot, Poland.
Webmaster: Ronny van Waardhuizen, Belgium.

Prof. Andrzej Januszajtis, Gdansk, Poland.
Museum Director Zdislaw Balewski, Gdansk, Poland.
Stanley Sterczewski, Gdansk, Poland.
Stanly Sterczewski, Gdansk, Poland.

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A Great find!
Fred Behrendt, former Secretay-Treasurer of the G.P.S., enjoys going to the antique shows and flea markets with wife Gussie, hoping to find some "good German material" that we all crave. But Fred is one of those lucky guys who almost always comes home with a "find", as you can see on the following pages. Who else can find an old envelope that contains a Norddeutscher Lloyd advertising booklet of sixteen pages of text and photographs describing a product of the Schichau sipbuilding works in Danzig. Now, hold on! Because that isn't all; how about a photo-journal of the Junkers plane that flew from a catapult as the ship neared New York harbor with a load of mail? The seaplane landed on the water, delivering the mail two days before the Columbus got to her dock. The year was 1928. The photo-laden booklet, was known as 'The Seven Seas', with its full-color painting of the ship as it steamed to its dock (see out copy of the painting on our cover), as well as the full-color map of the back of the magazine, indicating the new routes traveled by NDL on the Seven Seas. Nothing could be finer!

Knowledgeable collectors stick by the 1929 date for the initial use of catapult mail, while Fred's book show the inaugural year to be 1928.
Many photos in this production show the inter-action of a catapult seaplane with the Columbus. Was this a test voyage with flights to prove practicality of such systems or unscheduled tests prior to regular voyages and flown mail from German ships to New York?

*- The Seven Seas.
The Columbus making her way past the New York Skyline in December.

Danzig Study Group U.S.A.
Danzig Report Nr. 153 - July - August - September - 2011, Page 2.

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