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The Danzig coat of Arms :

The coat of arms of Danzig from a facsimile, published by Danziger Verlagsgeselschaft Paul Rosenberg, Hamburg, 1979 of Der Stadt Danzig historische Beschreibung by Reinhold Curicke (1610 - 1667) and his son Georg Reinhold Curicke, Amsterdam and Dantzigk, Johan und Cillis Janssons von Waesberge, 1687.

The Danzig Philatelist.

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1. GduB; The Danzig Coat of arms.
2. GduB; The first large format Danzig coat of arms stamp issue of 1921 / 1922.
3. GduB; Justice for Danzig ! Postal Propaganda between the Wars (part 12).
4. Hans Vogels; Forged handstamps of the Pomorze Postal Managment in Gdansk 1920 - 1921.
5. GduB; More Danzig Sea Post on the Hamburg-South America Line.

The Danzig Philatelist, 2012 nr. 21, January - March.

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