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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2012 » German Agricultural Traveling Exhibition

Landwirtschaftliche Ausstellung.

The 18th. German Agricultural Traveling Exhibition is notable for the Danzig postal historian because the event was honoured by the first special souvenir handstamp used by the Danzig Post office (see illustration on the cover page, from Wolff).

The Danzig Philatelist. 

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1. GduB;  The 18th. German Agricultural Travelling Exhibition, Danzig 9 - 14 June 1904.
2. Les Leech; A re-weighed C.O.D. letter ?
3. GduB; Hyperinflation, confusion and postage due.
4. Hans Vogels; S.S. Gdansk ship Mail.
5. GduB; Rabbi Dr. Abraham Stein, Altschottland.
6. Feedback.
7. GduB; An insured letter send to Prague 27 September 1938.
8. GduB; Ex-libris Wolfgang Neumann 1912.
9. Bernd Marczinke; Who was Gerhard August Heinrich Rose ?

The Danzig Philatelist, 2012 nr. 22, April - June.

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