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A Luposta 80th anniversary surprise :

July 2012 marks the 80th anniversary of the Luposta airmail exhibition held in Danzig in 1932.
The card below was offered on eBay in March. Unfortunately I was the underbidder. It was flown on the return flight of the Graf Zeppelin on 31 July 1932 to Friedrichshafen.
The big surprise on this card is that the 2Pf registration fee has been paid with a pair of 10Pf coil stamps (Mi. 194 Dx), postmarked on 29 July at the exhibition, wich were not officially issued until November 1932 !

Editor's note : coil stamps with normal perforations were in experimental use from 1924. Trials with 'stopped perforations' started in 1932. I have examples in my collection of the 5Pf (Mi. 193 Dx) postally used on 29 June 1932 (Zoppot) and 23 July 1932 (Danzig 5), but I have not seen the 10Pf stamps used prior to November 1932 before.

The Danzig Philatelist.

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1. Geoff Reynolds; A Luposta 80th anniversary surprise.
2. GduB; Justice for Danzig ! Postal propaganda between the wars (part 13).
3. Ton Hulkenberg;  The cachet 'B N F DANZIG' genuine, fraud or fantasy ?
4. GduB; The wide format Danzig coat of arms stamps issues of August 1924 Mi. 147-9 & 150.
5. GduB; The Danzig & Zoppot 'Get to know Germany' postal stationary cards.
6. GduB; Trends in Michel catalogue values.
7. Notes & Queries.

The Danzig Philatelist, 2012 nr. 23, July - September.

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