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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2012 » A Postscheckamt Danzig C.O.D. parcel card

A Postscheckamt Danzig C.O.D. parcel card :

Pre-printed Nachnahme (C.O.D.) parcel cards for general issue are not uncommonly found. This German issue (May 1914) Nachnahme parcel card, however, was specially printed for the Postscheckamt Danzig before the Free City period.
The card was for a parcel, worth 6.65 M and weighing 1/2 Kg, sent C.O.D. on May 1919 from Zoppot to Paleitin.*
It is franked 85 Pf = 75 Pf for a parcel up to 5 Kg carried over 75 Km + the Nachnahme fee of 10 Pf. (The 5 Pf stamp = Mi. 93IIb per Dr. Oechsner, BPP).
It seems likely that such bespoke pre-printed cards would have been available from the Postscheckämter in other towns and Cities in Germany. Does anyone have another example from Danzig or indeed from any other place ?
The fact that the Giro account number has been added with a handstamp suggests that the sender was a businessman who regularly sent out goods on a cash-on-delivery basis.

* Paleith, Kreis Heydekrug, Ostpreußen, then soon become part of Memelgebiet, now Paleiciai, Lithuania.

The Danzig Philatelist.

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The Danzig Philatelist, 2012 nr. 24, October - December.

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