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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2014 » The Corsini correspondence from Danzig

The Corsini correspondence from Danzig 

From Petrus Bertius, Commentariorum Rerum Germanicarum, Book III, 1919 (1st ed., text on back).

As the city would have looked at the time of the known Corsini correspondence from Danzig 1586 - 1600

The Danzig Philatelist.

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Contents : 

1. G du B: The Corsini Correspondence from Danzig

2. Bern Marczinke: WWI: British ships seized as war booty

3. G du B: Justice for Danzig ! Postal propaganda between the wars (part 16)

4. Geoff Reynolds & G du B: A 1937 Rostock Crash Cover from Danzig to Ecuador

5. Feedback

The Danzig Philatelist 1st Quarter 2014.

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