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Gallery » The Danzig Philatelist 2014 » Philatelic and other memories of Danzig / Gdansk

Philatelic and other memories of Danzig / Gdansk 

One of the rescued items from father's office waste-paper basket !

A letter from Basel sent on 5 December 1937 to my father's company. The letter is one of the few remaining known examples of mail in a mailbag which fell out of the aeroplane from Berlin. Danzig 5 Post Office attached a special label to the recovered items.
The Danzig Philatelist.

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Contents : 

1. Alex Lawrence: Philatelic and other memories of Danzig / Gdansk

2. G du B: Justice for Danzig ! Postal propaganda between the wars (part 17 concluding)

3. Bernd Marczinke: The fortress at Weichselmunde

4.  G du B: Some forgeries are laughable !

5. Ton Hulkenberg: An insured letter to London

The Danzig Philatelist, 2nd Quarter 2014.

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