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Gallery » Danzig Report 15 - July, August, September 1977 » HISTORY OF DANZIGS MAIL AND POSTAL CANCELLATIONS


(Continued from Report #13)

Not until August 27, 1862, were postal cancellations with the number of the year introduced in Prussia; e.g., 3-line box cancellation: DANZIG BAHNHOF (EISENBAHNFAHRT) Febr. 21, 68/5-7N. The size of the type for the hour is about half that of the date. RHEDA REGBEZ DANZIG. Two-ring cancellation with date and year but without hour has ALT-MUNSTERBERG, NEUTEÏCH as an auxiliary post office used (June 1, 1863) two-ring cancellations without year and hour, in red ink. Two-ring cancellations with the date above the year, the hour between the rings opposite the place naine were used in OHRA, OLIVA DEI DANZI.G, STUTTHOF, and ZOPPOT.’

November 24, 1866, the railroad post office in Danzig was empowered for the period December 15 thru 31, 1866, to enter into a postage control journal the postage collected in cash, for which purposes the letters were stamped in the upper right corner with the red postage cancel which at the same time replaced the day cancellation. The round franco-cancellation contained a conspicuous “F” (franco), place, year, day and hour of mailing. All general post offices and all larger places received this cancellation in 1867. A number of the old cancels are still in the possession of the offices and may only be used as makeshifts. The large offices had several cancellations distinguished be the letters of the alphabet.

On NOVEMBER 15, 1920, the FREE CITY OF DANZIG was constituted on the basis of the treaty of Versailles.

On November 1, 1919, the post offices and agencies in Elbing, Kahlberg, Tolkemit, Cadinen, Damerau, Elbing 3, Ellerwald, Leuzen, Neuhof, Neukirch, Neukirchhöhe, Neukrug, Pomerehndorf, Preussisch-Mark, Reimannsfeld, Terranowa and Trunz were assigned to the administrative district of the General Post Office (Oberpostdirektion) Königsberg. On July 12, 1921, Rambeltsch and Klein Waldorf among the auxiliary post offices in the vicinity of Danzig I were closed, the former assigned to Hohenstein. On November 1, 1921, the auxiliary post office Pordenau, situated in Freudenthal at Oliva, was closed. From April 1, 1922, Danzig-St. Albert and Danzig-SchellmUhl were assigned to Danzig I; Gottswalde, Käemark, Trutenau and Wotzlaff, Gross-Zünder, Kladau and Langenau were assigned to P.O. Praust. Beginning August 1, 1923, Schidlitz is without a district post office. The district post office of Kriefkohl falls to Hohenstein and Güttland.


Danzig Report   Nr. 15 – July - August - September - 1977, Page 4.

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