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Gallery » Danzig Report 73 - October, November, December 1991 » Artus Madonna Correctly Identified


Artus Madonna Correctly Identified
Thanks for the Danzig Report No. 69. As always, it’s very interesting. However, in
“Mystery of the Madonna”, you said: “The first problem is to find such a sculpture on the Artus itself; there are no Madonnas on that building.” I enclose two photos that show the inside of the Artushof, and you can see where the Madonna [from the stamp] was located near a big Kochelofen.
- Wojciech Kruczkowski
USAF, Germany

It is so good to hove a couple of experts like Wiadyslaw and Wojciech to help with the detail work! As of now, our research material is a bit limited, using photos and drawings to find the elusive locations. This one, however, shouldn’t have gone awry, because we had the card at the left and failed to see the message. Indeed, the Madonna of the Stamp is located on the east wall of the Artushof interior.

Sun Dial Gets Its Recognition
Received Report No. 72. I was thrilled to read about the Sun Dial on the Rathaus, of which I had never known before! The refinished Sun Dial is beautiful. Now, I’m looking at every Rathaus drawing or photo in my picture albums, to spot it.

Isn’t it amazing - with all that is known about Danzig - that something new and exciting seems to crop up, from time to time. I look forward to learning more about this fascinating building and its history.

Apparently Esperanto played a leading role in Danzig culture. To be honest, I can’t make heads or tails out of it, but, at 81, my brain gets rustier.

Haven’t heard from Ernie lately. I’ll have to get some cards and pictures copied and send him to prime his pump.
Your fellow Danzigphile,
- John Gilroy
Albany, NY

It’s always a pleasure to hear from a Danzigphile like John Gilroy. He has dedicated his retirement days to documenting all aspects of Danzig’s history and has been very helpful in finding the answers. We know how he feels about finding the Sun Dial for the first time; as stated before, we looked up at the Rathaus dozens of times and failed to see it.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 73 - October - November - December - 1991, Page 18.

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