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same place at which the Teutonic Knights had been defeated five hundred years earlier) removed the danger of Russian occupation. As a result of the war, Danzig was once more to become a free city.

[End of Introduction by Hans L.Lconhardt]

Letters to the Editor

John Neefus sent in a very light copy of Mi. No.152, which is reproduced above, along with a more normal carmine red copy. Unfortunately, the color copy is more intense than the original that he sent, but you get the point. Says John:
Can anyone give the reason for the light color print of this copy? Has it been out in the sun too long, or is there ___ another reason for its condition?
John Neefus
Durham, NC

Our cuess is that the ink was drying on the plate and provides a “spackled” effect when printed. When more ink is applied, the stamp color becomes more intense. We’ll try to show the detail of the stamp surface by means of enlargement.

The photo of the building has little to do with the printing problem. While taking a boat trip down the Vistula, we passed this place, which can’t be mistaken for any other: the post office at Neufahrwasser!


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 76 - July - August - September - 1992, Page 17.

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