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paper. After signing in, the desk clerk will find your material and hand it over. Then comes the fun of going through all of the papers or books, trying to find something in your specialty. Luckily, the two log books shouted Bingo! The USS PITTSBURGH log detailed the operations of each day, allowing us to ascertain the dates she was in Danzig. Each page was typewritten and signed by the officer on duty. Items included speed (usually I 5 knots), r.p.m. (82), who was A.O.L. (we used to call it A.W.O.L.) and late coming back from leave. On a later page was listed the trial and punishment (30 days solitary confinement on bread arid water, with full rations every fifth day!). Lateness and intoxication were the reasons for almost all of the punishment. It appears that Danzig has that effect on some people. Typical entries in Log, at Revel (Tallinn):


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 81 - October - November - December - 1993, Page 19.

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