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Gdansk - Free City Danzig; Imperforate Proofs.

Imperforate proofs of 1 Gulden value in watermarked paper.
- 1 Gulden imperforate on blackish-green with vertical watermark (Wz. 3X).
- 1 Gulden imperforate in green with vertical watermark (Wz. 3X).
- Imperforate 1 Gulden value on blueish-black, double printed horizontal honeycomb watermark (Wz. 2Y).

Essays of the 2 1/2 Gulden value in un-issued small format in black and in the large size format as issued in dark violet brown in a watermarked sheetlet of 4.
- Essay of 2 1/2 Gulden in un-issued small format in black on thick white chalky paper on perforated cardboard backing.
- Essay of 2 1/2 Gulden in sheet of 4 values, each with minor differences, on vertical webbing watermarked paper (Wz. 3X).

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