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Through the treaty of Versailles (taking effect on January 10, 1920), the city of Danzig was severed from the German empire. Through the allied and associated powers Danzig was given the name" Free State of Danzig", effective on November 15,1920, and became an independent state. As of October 1,1921, Danzig became a member of the UPU. On June 14, 1920 the first Danzig stamps were issued on stamps of the Deutsches Reich that the German Printing office in Berlin had overprinted “Danzig.”

For the next 19 years Danzig printed and issued its own stamps. The issues of this period were rich in Essays, Proofs and values that were not available at regular Post Office counters. This exhibit shows some of these interesting items, along with the actual stamps as issued. This is not a complete collection of everything printed, but shows examples from several of the issues.
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