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Gallery » 2005 - January - December » End of the German Presence in China

- Articles;
End of the German Presence in China; The War Years 1914-1918, Part I, page 185.
by Jerry H. Miller.
A Story of Prince Heinrich, page 193.
by Len Kemper.
The Reichspost Security Force; The Postschutz, page 198.
by Benjamin R. Beede.
The SA and SS; A Study in Fraud, page 202.
G.P.S. Slide Program S-20.

- News;
G.P.S. Elections; Nominees for 2006-2009, page 209.

- Columns;
Book Review; Luftpostlisten der Deutsche Reichspost, page 196.
by Benjamin Beede.
Book Review; Adhesive Paper Seals of the Post Offices of Prussia, Bavaria and Wurttemburg 1871-1920, page 203.
by James W. Graue.
Collector Question; The Cinderellas, page 183.
Letters to the Editor, page 179.
New Issues, page 205.

- Departments;
Adlets, page 219.
Membership Report, page 215.

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