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Gallery » Luposta - Ronny van Waardhuizen » Double Stamping Luposta, Austria

Zeppelin promotion flight of the Exhibit, Austria. Double Stamping Luposta 1932, Danzig.

A few other sendings a further explanation, such as the one from Russia and from Czechoslovakia. In those two contries, it was apparently possible, also for the Luposta flights, to send in two different ways: the complete post stamping from the sendercountry, or part-stamping for usual post, postmarket in the home country, and an additional German stamping with German postmarking.

*- Top; Vienna - Friedrichshafen - Rönne - No. 169 B.
Letter to; Herrn Ludwig Tomitza,
Wien, V., Castelligasse 20.

*- Above; Double stamping Czechoslovakian and German from Teplitz-Schönau over the onboard post office to Danzig. Arrival postmark; Friedrichshafen 1.8.32.
Letter to; Herrn Curt Schönherr,
Friedrichshafen, Werderstrasse 4.

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