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Gallery » Danzig Report 151 - july, August, September 2010 » The Schleswig-Holstein's Log Book

An amazing Documeny and Story.
The Schleswig-Holstein's Log Book, handwritten by Kapitain zur See, Gustav Kleikamp.

>> During the attack, Eberhardt's columns rush the Polish defenses. Major Henryk Sucharski (upper rt.) is captured and brought before General Friedrich Eberhardt. The brave Men of Westerplatte earn a salute and the Major is allowed to keep his sword.

*- Dencil sketch of Major Henruk Sucharski.
*- Reviewing a parade in Danzig, Gauleter Albers Foster (2nd from front)
sends a Nazi salute to an Eberhardt unit.
*- Eberhardt's storm troopers prior to the attack. Radio operator
has a microphone in his hand (in this case, used more for tactical support
to the rear than for propaganda.)

Danzig Report Nr. 151.

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