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Computer Stuff
Please excuse the intrusion, but if you are in the same boat as the editor, any practical info on making an obstinate, pig-headed, stubborn piece of plastic and chips act decently, would be a tiny bit of service. Remember that the person writing this stuff don t know from nul(jn’. (I can hear that guy in England saying: “It never stopped him before!”) Please mind your manners when you talk about your elders, or we’ll make you read TRUWW[1P[TER again! Now, where were we?

1. PROBLEM: You have been saving tons of text, photos and all sorts of scans on your 1.2 Gig. hard drive, and there is no room for a larger drive. The old crate is coughing and wheezing along at 120 Mhz (how old is he? Man he still calls them cycles!) So you find the ideal computer that won’t fall into obsolescence for at least a month, has TEN gigs and 400 speed. (Sure, it’s obsolete already.) The future looks great, BUT all of your correspondence and articles that you’ve written are in the OLD computer. You could transfer them all, which amounts to considerable strain. And it would be nice to keep B(J1’Il hard drives in tact. This can be done with a switch, such as the Belkin OmniCubc Model F 10092, which keeps your monitor and keyboard and mouse operating as before but which switches from Computer I (the old guy) to Computer 2 (the new one). It does work flawlessly, even with additional switches for multiple printers and digital copiers. Drop the editor a line ore-mail for a simple diagram. The Belkin switch is around S 100. and you will need bi-directional cables, as usual.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 106 - January - February - March - 2000, Page 36.

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