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Gallery » Danzig Report 99 - April, May, June 1998 » NORTH ATLANTIC CATAPULT FLIGHTS


Back in the days when communications were accomplished by smoke signals and similar methods, Danzig Report No.16 included a lengthy study of the catapult flights of the 1930s. One of our charter members, Art Hecker, immediately sent in an example of his collection which covered the same era. The elves on the Editorial Floor can see a good thing when they awaken every nine or ten years, and this year must be one of those. Further, we have the benefit of several books lent from Ollie Clemens' library, from which we hope to add some ephemoral material. (The DSG is the one group that approves the use of such material.) OK, enough yapping, elves.

1 Gulden Mi. No. 209

Art Hecker's copy of his 31.7.30 delivery from the Bremen. He was pleased to find only two Danzig dispatches listed for this particular flight. The question was: how does one figure the rates, since the Michaelis catalog listed only letter rates. "I assume that the postcard rate for the combined flights was 90 Pfg. for the Catapult flight and 50 Pfg. for the Cologne-Cherbourg flight."

40 Pfg. Mi. No. 199


Danzig Report   Nr. 99 - April - May - June - 1998, Page 18.

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