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Danzig Report No. 18


Editor: John H. Bloecher Jr., 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21207

The Danzig Study Group is pleased to announce that, upon receipt of a substantial down payment from its subscribers, new issues of Danzig stamps will again be available. In case you aren’t current with the latest in Danzig philately, quite attractive cornmemoratives are now being processed from this charming area, and the new issue service is offered NEWS at modest cost to all Study Group members.

Merely send $100.00 in U.S. (or Japanese yen) to the Editor (no stamps please we don’t have time to expertize them) as collateral, and you will be the first in your block to receive these exciting issues. Stamps will be sent within 7 days of receipt from Danzig; however, FDC’s take longer to print get. Our able assistants in the Caribbean republics are scouring the world for special postmarks, which will be made available to the first 500 collectors who send in. On piece, even. Dress up your collection.

Why wait for World War III? Subscribe now while the price is right:

Published for the first time anywhere, we are proud to present the last 589,362 Kenn numbers recently declassified by the Feldpost Committee. Perhaps this will aid you in filling in some holes in your exhibit. It should also be explained that these numbers are the result of a moonlighting Social Security employee who used their computer as an aid in compilation. It also will explain (a) why your checks were lost this month and (b) why President Carter is so upset with the System. Don’t write in for a tracer on your checks until this blows over. Here are the numbers:


Danzig Report  Nr. 18 – April - 1978, Page 1.

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