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Gallery » Danzig Report 18 - April 1978 » Arge Danzig AUCTION

Arge Danzig AUCTION 

Introducing our new Auction Supervisor, Curt Kogge.(Shown at the right in an earlier photograph. We were unable obtain a more recent one but secured these from a friend, Maryette B. Lane.) Mr. Kogge recently spent quite a bit . of time planning his duties as an auction supervisor during tenure at an institution near Washington, D.C. He is well known in some circles as the originator of the 1939 slogan:  "Heute Danzig - Morgen Gdansk”. Perhaps you have forgotten. And now, to the AUCTION

LOT No.1:
Schnippel of registered Danzig cover dated 20.4.37 but returned to sender with red “Zuruck” hand stamp due to insufficient postage, at which time PlU and P2U gutter pairs were affixed, added postage of 5 pfg. and handwritten blast at postal authorities by sender, to N.Y., not bkstpd, tied to cachet by purple “20 P Einl-Geb. hand stamp, F-VF for this issue, attractive and scarce. PHOTO $3500

LOT No.2:
5 pfg Cog, imperf proof with jaunty position of violet center on it brn frame, on chalk paper.PHOTO Michel No. 53 KKK - $ 85.32

LOT No.3:
Definitive design sketch of 30 Mk comm. in orange, schwarz. Later issue to feature change in colors to rotorange/tiefschwarz in order to defraud collectors. Error in “Frie Stadt”. Rendering would make a beautiful wall hanging. PHOTO $200


Danzig Report  Nr. 18 – April  1978, Page 5.

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