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Gallery » Danzig Report 48 - July, August, September 1985 » Valuable Information regarding to the Free City of Danzig


Valuable Information regarding to the Free City of Danzig
The Free City of Danzig was, without the assistance and against the will of her German inhabitants, according to article 100 ii. ni the Treaty of Versailles, separated from the German Empire on the 10 th. of January 1920. The Free City was proclaimed an Independent State under tite protection of the League of Nations on the 15. November 1920.

Tite territory of the Free City has an area of 1966 square kilometres. i’he Free City contains 5 administra tive districts (Danzig City, Zoppot, the rural districts of Danziger Höhe, Danziger Niederung and Gr. Werder). Its population is more than 384 000, 96 % of whom are German. The Free City is a sovereign State absolutely independent in legislature, law, appointment oi officials, etc. It possesses its own constitution guaranteed by the League of Nations.

The legislative body is the ,,Volkstag”, i. e. the Parliament, of 120 members. The Government and highest authority is the Senate consisting of tIte President, Vice-President and 20 Senators. Tite official language is German.

The State- and Commercial Flag is composed of two white crosses one above tIte other surmounted by a yellow crown on a red ground.

Danzig possesses her own currency 25 Gulden = £ 1,-—.I Gulden ‘/ of a pound. I Pfennig = 1/loo of a Gulden.. Weights and measures are German. Danzig’s relationship has been regulated b’ the Danzig-Polish Treaty of Paris of November 9 th. 1920 and by the Danzig-Polish Agreement of October 24 th. 1921, as vell as by other treaties and decisions of tite League of Nations.

The administration of Danzig’s foreign affairs was given to Poland as one oi her ditties imposed on lier in the Treaty of Versailles, in every case, however, according to the expressed wish ‘iid fo,u of the h)Danzig.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 48 - July - August - September - 1985, Page 40.

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