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Gallery » Danzig Report 91 - April, May, June 1996 » Gdingen-Gdynia-Gotenhafen - How it all began


Gdingen/Gdynia/Gotenhafen - How it all began

When Ernst sent Gertrude this beautiful scene from Gdingen in August of 1908, who would have thought that this tranquil beach would, within 21 years, first become a world port, surpassing Danzig in activity, then become a German naval port, docking the largest ships of the Kriegsm arine. Here is where the Schleswig-Holstein docked after bombarding the Westerplatte and here is again the Polish port of Gdynia. It was here that the Schleswig-Holstein lay on the bottom, firing away at the Soviet offensive. Who could write fiction that is stranger than history?


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 91 - April - May - June - 1996,  Page 21.

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