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Eddie Krause Reports In:
I think that I can supply more information on items in Danzig Report No.89.

Censored letter form Danzig in September, 1939
Immediately from the beginning of the war, a censor’s office was installed in Danzig, where a rectangular stamp in red, sized 71 x 11 mm. was used. This office acted for only a very short time. It is assumed that it acted until September 8th or 9th; the official (late of discontinuance could so far not be established. Referring to Figure a. we have a letter despatched in Danzig, apparently on September 2nd or 3rd -- regrettably, there is no date cancel on the cover, only the commemorative ‘liberation” cancel and the censor stamp PrufsteHe Danzig 1. However, a handwritten note on the reverse skie reads Found in the ordinary mail from Danzig 1 [!J 3. Q.39 (unklc’ntified initially) — and, further, the arrival cancel from Rostock of September 7th. It should be remembered that war actions in the “Corridor” were still going on and mail could not transit, so that it was routed from Danzig (and also East Prussia) by sea via Konigsberg/Pillau to Stettin and thence to final destinations, except. of course, mail destined to the Baltic states and, apparently, air mail. After closure of the Danzig censor office, the foreign mail was censored in Konigsberg. A fine evidence of this is the cover despatched from Danzig on September 12th, as reproduced in Report No.89.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 91 - April - May - June - 1996,  Page 22.

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