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Free City Danzig - Airmail stamps.

*- Another copy of a Nürnberg cover from our Danzig Report files that is similar
to Michaelis' description of his group to the city & back-stamped 30.10.1923.

For the record, Mr. Michaelis' book 'Flugpost von und nach Danzig' contains no photos of covers with any one of the Fifth Airmail stamps. But Mr. Michaelis has provided the following rates for Letter {Briefe} rates in his 'Gebühren nach Deutschland';

1921 - 1923 | 9.9.23 - 22.9.23 | 22.9.23 - 7.10.23 | 8.10.23 - 14.10.23 | 15.10.23 - 28.10.23.
- M a r k s - | - 250,000.00 - - - | - 350,000.00 - - - - | - 2,- Millionen - - - | - 4.75 Millionen.
Weitere Gebüren sind nicht bebannt. {Firther rates for these times are not know}.

A leap to the future - Lighthouse in Danzig.
The unrelated photo at the left will make a more logical appearance in our mid summer issue, when the emphasis shall be on the old Neufahwasser lighthouse, with its 1939 resident machine gun, that was newly established by Eberhardt's men and is said to have fired the first shots of WW-II, a Russian artillary piece that was converted into a 75 mm-type counter-weapon that silenced the gun in the lighthouse; a visit to Danzig by Hindenburg to exibit the city's captured field piece; the relationship between Danzig's lighthouse and its predecessor at Cleveland, Ohio.
It will be a nice opportunity to avoid hunting plate flaws and to enjoy, also, the GPS Annual Convention that will be held at Hunt Valley, north of Batimore, September 4, so be there {or be square} as we used to say, about a century ago.

*- DR-151 - an interview with Stephen Michalak, lighthouse owner / historian.
Above is a postcard showing the Time Ball detail at end of its cycle.

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