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Gallery » Danzig Report 36 - July, August, September 1982 » BERNARD A. HENNIG, F.R.P.S.L.


of the best for magnifying the detailed breaks and dots of #158 printed in the last Report, is a Coil Aspheric Magnifier mounted on a plastic frame, which keeps it constantly in focus. The 36 mm diameter lens is made in England and provides just the amount of magnification without distortion at the side edge. We purchased one from an optician’s office for about $14, but they are probably available in stamp shops, also.

Giles du Boulay writes that German script often appears to say something other than what it actually does. (We are constantly amazed that their postmen can deliver covers that appear so illegible.) The key to his “Soldaterikarte” postcards came with the January, 1982, issue of the Geïman Postal Spçalist. Script that appeared to start “fig...” now properly could be translated with the help of the examples in the Specialist. The endorsement now read: “Soldatenbrief (or ‘karte’J - Eigene Angelegenheit des Empfängers’, translated to: “Soldier’s Letter - strictly for the ( benefit of the addressee”. Further check in Michel showed the same lable that indicates this postage-free concession on letters up to 60g to soldiers and sailors. The article on script helped!

BALPEX 82 was held at the Hunt Valley Inn north of Baltimore over the Labor Day weekend and enjored seeing Bill Ruh from Long Island. As expected, Danzig wasn’t too plentiful, although we ended with 7 or 8 covers and cards. One interesting item observed was the ubiquitous cover to N.V.Maurik, Dusseldorf, with 10 D26 red stamps cancelled 10.3.23. We have four in our collection and have never paid ovnr $15 for one. Would you believe that one dealer had one for $75 and another two at $113 each?!! A better value was the P45-018 ‘ard with slogan cancel mentioned but not illustrated in

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 36 - July - August - September - 1982, Page 2.

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