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Another contribution by Giles du Boulay is this full sheet of No. 11, the blue 2 Mark provisional overprint issue. A question is: Why is the Field 14 stamp imprinted with a c.t.o. cancel? Giles reports that the dealer had several sheets of early Danzig stamps complete except for the missing top right stamp. What is the purpose of this practice?

He calls attention to Field 6 below, which shows the “g” of the Danzig overprint to have a small break, appearing as at he right: This sheet contains the following numbers: , H.3374.20 6 78: Shop overprinting order number (Haus Auftrags-Nummer), 20 dates the overprint in 1920, 78 is the basic German stamp plate numberq 6 is no. of overprt. plate.

Bud Herinig has also made a study of these first provisional issues, and his six examples o’ the overprint plate numbers are on the r.ext page.


Copy shows that the perforation combs run only to the right margin, not to the left. The registry “tic” marks are from the original basic run, not from the cverprint run.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 36 - July - August - September - 1982, Page 8.

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