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Gallery » Danzig Report 65 - October, November, December 1989 » Overprint Plate Flaws: No. 181 thru 188



Editor: John H. Bloecher Jr., 1743 Little Creek Drive, Baltimore, Md. 21207

Oct . Nov. Dec. 1989 No. 65

Overprint Plate Flaws: No. 181 thru 188
Recently, there was an opportunity to borrow full sheets of the Post—Inflation series, Michel Nos. 181— 188, from Bud Hennig. Studies of these stamps had been made before, but never with the big advantage of magnification through the closed—circuit television camera. From the results, we can now report some very interesting findings, and each stamp that was found with decisive defects is listed in this report. Plate defects, of course, can occur at different times of the printing run, in differing degrees of magnitude, and we must keep in mind that this study was made from only one set of sheets. One example of this is 183-I, with the broken downstroke on the P, listed in Michel, but not in the reference sheets. However, several other short—stemmed P’s do exist in the other numbers. An unregistered major flaw, that could well be listed in Michel, is the blunted 20 from 183, in Field 82. A two—color print has been enlarged on this page, and the detail is further enlarged on Page 14. The blunt 3, listed as 185—I in the Michel catalog, is in Field 35. Only in one instance did we ,rovide additional material: a block of three that has 181-9/1.0/20 showing the red plate dropout.These red plates were made at first for 139 (in light blue 50 MX) and 141 (in green 100 MK). If. these sheets are available to you, they can be checke d for additional plate flaws. In order to aid the finding of each of the stamp groups, the paper color of the page alternates from white to ivory. For instance, 181 is in ivory, 182 is in white, etc.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 65 - October - November - December - 1989, Page 1.

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