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Gallery » Danzig Report 90 - January, February, March 1996 » Early Censorship in Danzig - 1939, by Curt Hosny


Early Censorship in Danzig - 1939 by Curt Hosny

Danzig Report No.89’s cover showed an example of an early censored cover This group will show other types of early censorship methods in Danzig: a “forerunner”, two “last-day” covers, an “Abschied Serie” (farewell series) and examples of hand-cut censor tape.

Illustration 1: Correctly franked cover from Danzig on 6 Sept 1939 to Aalborg, Denmark.

Illustration 2: rear of cover shows handwritten inked line Auslandbriefuber wachungsstelle, meaning: Foreign letter controller (supervisor/overseer) place (control for foreign currency.)

Aalborg backstamp in dated 14.9.39.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 90 - January - February - March - 1996,  Page 21.

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