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Gallery » Danzig Report 90 - January, February, March 1996 » Early Censorship in Danzig - 1939, by Curt Hosny


The cover on the previous page could be considered a “forerunner”, since it contained neither a brown hand-cut tape nor a Im Staatsinterecse geoffnet rubber stamp. This shows that the letter is very early (6.9.39) and that the rubber handstamp has not yet arrived. The period in September was referred to as Eingliederung, or annexation into the Third Reich. On the front of the first cover, there appear both permit and censor’s rubber stamps. Von der Wehrmacht zugelassen is the same handstamp as on the D.R.#90 cover:
Permitted by the Armed Forces.

The following two covers (Illustrations 3 and 4) are “last-day” covers (for Freie Stadt Danzig stamps). On the backs, they bear the brown hand-cut censor tape and the rubber- stamp Im Staatsi n teresse geoffnet.

Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 90 - January - February - March - 1996,  Page 22.

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