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Gallery » Danzig Report 91 - April, May, June 1996 » A Postal History of the Gotenhafen


Figure 5 - A newspaper clipping from the Volkischer Beobachter of September 24th, 1939.

The newspaper clipping above is from the Nazi Party Volkischer Beobachter of September 24 and explains the change in the name of the city. The German text beneath the map reads: German settlements in the first centuries of our era. Ptolemy gave us the names of German tribes and countless archeological finds show the old frontiers of German habitation 2,000 years ago.’°

The first postal items from the city bear single-line, rubber handstamps in Gothic script: Gdingen. The card at Figure 6a was posted as field post at Gdingen on September 19, 1939 by a member of the Stosstrupp (shock troops) from the LinienschiffSchleswig Holstein.

Figure 6a Postcard mailed via the field post from, Gdingen, on Sept. 19. 1939, shortly after the Batrle of Westerplatte by a combatant who gives his return address as Linienschiff Schleswig Holstein, Stosstrupp., Feldpost-nummer 17684.


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 91 - April - May - June - 1996,  Page 6.

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