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office at the railway station. They were executed by a firing squad with the other defenders on 5 October 1939 at Zaspa, ending the period of the Polish post in the Free City of Danzig. The entire Danzig area was now incorporated into the German Reich.

After the War

On 1 April 1945, the war commander of the region and th city of Gdañsk, General Mikulski, gave permission for the organization of a Polish post in the city. On the same day, the first offices were erected. Because of the heavy Soviet bombings, the former Polish post offices at the Heveliusplatz and at the railway station were burned out. The former railway station post office Danzig 5, however, had survived the bombings. On 5 April 1945, the post office Gdarlsk 2 settled into the former office of Danzig 5.

What happened to the former Polish post office at the railway station? Walking around the railway station with prewar photos, the writers of this article tried to locate the distinctively-shaped roof line of the structure, but without any success. It seems that the office had been torn down after the war. However, the special bricks around the entrance in the old photos looked the same as those at the entrance of the bar next to the main station building, except that this is a building with three floors, a completely different roof and an additional window next to the door. [See Figure 1 on page 11 Closer examination caused some excitement -- the bricks clearly showed that the building had beep changed and probably a third story had been built! To prove this assumption took three months, when drawings of the renovations were found in the archives of the Polish Railway Administration in Gdansk. Indeed, the building had been changed after the war! Everyone who has been to Gdansk no


Danzig Report Vol. 1 - Nr. 92 - July - August - September - 1996,  Page 15.

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