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Free City Danzig, Promotion of the Exhibit.
Luposta Werbe-Ball and Special Stamps.

The organizers of Luposta tried to arouse more interest from the people of Danzig. That's the reason for presenting, on the 30th of January 1932, a "Luposta Promotion Ball". The programm, priced at 10 (Danzig) Pfennige, included, next to the list of musical entertainment, a long article concerning the reason an the purpose of Luposta. It ended with the following;
On the label of this World Exhibition, you can find two airplanes, which take off into the air. This "taking off" is also a nice symbol for Danzig. May the symbol of Luposta also be the symbol for a better future for Danzig!

Special Stamps.
On the 11th of July 1932, the long-announced and anxiously-awaited stamps from Luposta finally were published by the Post- and Telegraph office of Danzig. They were available at all the post offices of Danzig and were sold only in complete sets at double the nominal value. One set with the five grades cost 2 Gulden (Florins). The extra tariff was for Luposta. With one set and a postal value of 1 G. per postcard, and with two sets of 2 G., a letter could be flown on a Zeppelin trip.
According to information from the Post Office, the complete published issue - 52,000 sets - was limited by the shortage of the green 1 G. and the violet 2 g stamp of the initial issue of September 1924. These values hat to be replaced in January 1925 by two new color grades, since in September 1924, during the transportation form the printer in Berlin to Danzig, 600 sheets of the 1 G. stamps and 900 sheets of the 2 G. stamps hat been stolen. In that way, the economically-thinking Post Office officials could use, in a meaningful way, the remaining non-valid stamps.

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