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Gallery » Luposta - Ronny van Waardhuizen » Luposta 1932 Werbe-Ball

Luposta Werbe-Ball, in den Gesamträumen des 'Danziger Hofs'.

The organizers of Luposta tried to arouse more interest from the people of Danzig. That's the reason for presenting, on the 30th of January 1932, a "Luposta Promotion Ball". The programm, priced at 10 (Danzig) Pfennige, included, next to the list of musical entertainment, a long article concerning the reason an the purpose of Luposta. It ended with the following;
On the label of this World Exhibition, you can find two airplanes, which take off into the air. This "taking off" is also a nice symbol for Danzig. May the symbol of Luposta also be the symbol for a better future for Danzig!

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